Entry #8

secret new game

2010-07-16 11:00:32 by RowlandRose

I am working on a new game (finally!) where you will have to complete 50 levels of trying to escape a cave. No, it's not Cave Escaper 2! It's top-down puzzle game where you solve puzzles that include different types of enemies and different magic abilities. I know what it's name will be, BUT I'M NOT TELLING!

I admit I have started and stopped on a few games in the past year, but this one is looking a lot more likely. Expect it in the next month or so. It will have a level editor just like most of my other games!

secret new game


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2010-07-16 11:04:16

I'd love to put that game on my site. By the way, there isn't going to be a Cave Escaper 2, right?

RowlandRose responds:

There's no Cave Escaper 2 in the works, but that was my most popular game by amount of plays (lots from other countries strangely), so.... maybe I'll put 'cave' in the title to help it out.


2010-07-16 11:04:50

It's soooooper secret naow.
silly bily.


2010-07-16 11:36:00

I like the graphics.

RowlandRose responds:

Why thank you. The graphics like you too.


2010-07-16 13:25:33

The game's name is "On no, don't look!!"