secret new game

2010-07-16 11:00:32 by RowlandRose

I am working on a new game (finally!) where you will have to complete 50 levels of trying to escape a cave. No, it's not Cave Escaper 2! It's top-down puzzle game where you solve puzzles that include different types of enemies and different magic abilities. I know what it's name will be, BUT I'M NOT TELLING!

I admit I have started and stopped on a few games in the past year, but this one is looking a lot more likely. Expect it in the next month or so. It will have a level editor just like most of my other games!

secret new game

Quick Country

2010-02-28 20:10:11 by RowlandRose

I have this new game I started working on that's like a very quick game of civilization. Basically, all you are concerned with is city placement over time. You can place a city quicker if your population grows faster, and your population will grow faster if your country owns the right terrain. No promises, I may scrap the idea or put it on hold since I've been very busy lately.

New Music Video!

2009-08-14 19:05:44 by RowlandRose

So I got sick of game programming day after day and decided to take a break and test my animation skills. I thought it'd be funny to do an entire music video of Bob the Blob dancing, and it evolved from there. Drawing his facial expressions was very fun. So fun, in fact, that I'm thinking of starting a webcomic using the Bob the Blob and Rob the Robot characters. What do you think, should I? PLEASE TELL ME!

Oh, and the ending scene where Bob lands on a planet, that was actually animated by me 4 years ago and I never got around to using it 'till now! It's probably passed from hard-drive to hard-drive at least five times. Yay for saving old FLA files!

New Music Video!

Globule is released :D

2008-08-29 09:58:44 by RowlandRose

And it's a pretty unique puzzle game! You form globs of slime together in a chain and have to clear them from the stage by going to a suction vent. You're a cute little robot who has to clear 50 stages to win. I think it's a mix between Lolo's Adventure and Snake.

But I WARN YOU: The later levels can be challenging! <evil laugh> I wonder how many people will beat all 50 levels...

As always with my new games, you can edit your own levels for them at!

Enjoy y'all!

Globule is released :D

New game released!

2008-07-31 13:10:32 by RowlandRose

Well, Paper Golf 2: EX is out now, and it's certainly a different style of game from the rest of the games. It's more skill-based than puzzle or problem-solving, and still fun IMO. It is the first game to be sponsored by (which means I didn't make it)! I did contribute by making tile graphics and designing the courses. I also implemented it into the system.

Development for the next game is underway! :D

Things are moving along

2008-06-15 10:02:57 by RowlandRose

The first Community Edition of a game from has been released, and I'm pretty happy with it. The game Scorching Earth was the least popular of the three games from, so the 3.27 score I've received on the Community Edition isn't too surprising. However, Scorching Earth is a very fun puzzle game if you get into it. It's definitely a thinking game though, and with a name like Scorching Earth, some people expect violence and mayhem, which I understand.

There are three things I'm considering working on next: An upgrade for that will allow people to comment on others' levels, a really cool new game idea, or a HUGE new feature to We'll see :)

Music Bounce a success :D

2008-05-13 18:30:30 by RowlandRose

Thanks to everyone who played Music Bounce and Scorching Earth! The games were fun to make and I'm glad people had fun playing them. I'm working on the next game for right now!

Two games on Newgrounds were a big inspiration to me: Orbox and Orbox B. Excellent puzzle games! My favorite flash games probably. But my favorite puzzle game of all time is Fire 'n Ice on the old 8-bit Nintendo. Check it out!

Hey, has anyone gotten to level 50 on Music Bounce? I'm proud of that one :)

First post!

2007-12-05 18:29:23 by RowlandRose

I've been gone from making flash for a long time. I recently had some pretty neat visual inspirations from listening to the new Daft Punk live album. If I start making stuff again, I want it to be at a much higher level of quality. I am impressed with the new top favorites here on Newgrounds, and I'd love to make something similarly good. We'll see what happens.